Gig-Free December

Cigdem Aslan with Luna Kalamata

I’m having a break from playing gigs this month unless I get an amazing offer in the next week or so. It wasn’t really planned but it’s turned out a super break. Things at school are always hectic at Christmas and everyone has colds and flu; there’s lots to do with the family and church to prepare for Christmas time and having a break has allowed me time to reflect a little.

Last month I made the decision to stop playing in one of my cover bands as I wanted to focus on more creative music. The pay was better in the cover bands but the gigs and venues were often bizarre, the travel time was long and I hated spending hours setting up huge PAs and then playing at volume). I’ve also turned two gigs down this month because I was unavailable.

I’ve been enjoying doing family things, listening to lots of music, recharging the batteries and practising, although my upright progress has been frustrating at best. I’ll be back in the swing of things in January with a couple of jazz gigs planned and hopefully a few more to come – and I think I’ll enjoy it that much more for taking a break.

What I really need to do is take advantage of my networks and local knowledge and get my own originals project together. I’ve always been more of an improviser than a composer but I think it might be time to get the writer’s pen out again!

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