Basses – photos and information

I asked my wife and son to take some photos in the garden with my various basses.
Having been so impressed with people’s Moo Minicards, I decided I wanted some of my own and needed some high resolution pictures:


That’s the Wal which has been my main bass for 17 years now, it has a remarkable tone and sounds utterly different depending on who is playing. It’s strung with TI Jazz flatwound strings that emphasise the warmth of the sound but allow just enough brightness and definition to the sound. I bought it used in London for £820. My lovely wife lent me the money to buy it. It has very powerful active pick-ups, if you plug headphones directly into the jack you can hear the signal. It also has a balanced DI XLR output that has proved very useful.



This is a Crafter acoustic bass guitar, it has a built in piezo pick-up. It has a slightly shorter scale and it’s fun to play. It was a gift from a lovely guy (a singer) who I was working with on some of his songs). It has a sweet, warm sound that works well with acoustic settings. I have played it on bigger stages by stuffing a towel inside to avoid feedback. It’s acoustic sound is quite similar to a double bass – well it could never be the same – but it is somewhat similar. This bass is fabulous value for money, Jonas Hellborg promoted Crafter for a while. Oh, and the built in tuner is very handy! I also strung this with TI Jazz Flats which make the bass a little quieter but the sound is gorgeous.


This is a WAV electric upright built and designed by Ned Steinberger. It’s easier to transport that an double bass (which I’ve always longed for) but doesn’t quite have the double bass tone. But it does have a great sound of its own and I enjoy playing upright bass and play it quite differently to the bass guitar. It also seems to encourage bandmates to play very differently. I need, eventually, to get a pre-amp for it as its output is low compared to the Wal. One day I’ll learn to bow too!




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