BBC recording at All Souls – Lausanne Congress

This Saturday night to commemorate the opening of the Lausanne Congress, All Souls Langham Place will be holding a special service that will be recorded by the BBC. The service celebrates that ‘God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself’ (2 Cor 5:19) and Chris Wright will be giving the sermon.

I am happy to be playing bass in the worship band there. The music is always of the highest standard. The gifted Oliver Nicolson will be the MD in the absence of Noel Tredinnick. The service will be aired on BBC Radio 4 at 8:10 am on Sunday 17th October and will probably last around 90 minutes. The recordings are archived and available on iplayer for a week or so afterwards…I’m not sure if they’re available outside the UK. My friend Dave from Belgium has advised me that I can use the audacity program to record the iplayer audio feed so I’ll try to do that.

The link for the radio programme is here.

All Souls Langham Place
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2 thoughts on “BBC recording at All Souls – Lausanne Congress

  1. The recording are on iplayer until this Saturday but then will be online here:

    16th October 2010


    Shame about the hugely compressed BBC sound and lack of low end.

    The service (from London and Capetown) was very moving and the choir and band sounded great.

  Introduction – Revd Hugh Palmer Let All The World Prayers and confession Come People of the Risen King Archbishop Henry Orombi, Capetown Psalm 150 – choir and organ Reading – Corinthians 5:16-21 Revd Esme Bowers (Capetown) Jesus Shall Reign Sermon – Revd Chris Wright (Capetown) When I was Lost Prayers Crown Him with Many Crowns Blessing Come People of the Risen Lord (reprise)

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