The Waitrose Kings Cross Sessions


It’s an unusual but in many ways perfect spot to play live music. Playing in a supermarket bar reaches so many people and I’ve been passionate for a long time to take jazz and Black American Music to a wider audience. We need to reach beyond those who regard themselves as jazz fans. The gigs are some way between an attentive audience and background music – getting closer to the former – I’d call it party music – those who want to lose themselves in the music, those who want to chat and focus in and out, using the music as atmosphere. It’s a thrill to see shoppers stop half-step and sometimes remove headphones, look listen and even dance.

We are very grateful to have Cally Arts organise these gigs every Thursday. There is a great team/stable of musicians that form the trios that play. Come along on a Thursday to the Waitrose Bar at the Granary Square Kings Cross branch in Wharf Road right next door to Central St Martins, the Lighterman and Caravan. Musicians playing include Michele Montolli, Charlie Stacey, Phil Wain, Giorgos Pafitis, Rob Grundel and Unexpected Guests featuring David Kyle Payne and Adam Hayes, Alan Weekes, Jansen Santana, Joe Browne, James Buckham, Boris Latinov, Aleph Aguiar and Demi Garcia Sabat and many more and more to come…

The music is from 6:30 to 9 and the bar is a treat…craft beer, a smoothie bar, open any wine from the shelf and pay a small corkage fee and deli food served on plates. There’s even seating outside for the summer months

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