Summer Jazz Thursdays in Kings Cross


If you’ve been to any of the jazz sessions at Waitrose Kings Cross in Granary Square, you’ll realise what a hit they’ve been. There will also be free music this summer in Pancras Square by the big tree – a pin oak which was transported from Germany and sits between the German Gymnasium, Vinoteca and Granger & Co. It’s all part of a plan to take live music – specifically Black American Music and jazz to a wider public audience.

Every Thursday there is music at Waitrose Kings Cross between 6:30 and 9pm in the bar and for the next four Thursdays there will also be live jazz at the oak tree in Pancras Square at the same time.

Booked are:

Thursday 21st July @Waitrose –    Tjoe Man Cheung trio                                                       Thursday 21st July @Pancras Square –  Phil Wain, Jansen Santana, Giorgos Pafitis

Thursday 28th July @Waitrose – Phil Wain trio                                                                     Thursday 28th July @Pancras Square  – Rob Grundel and Unexpected Guests

Thursday 4th August @Waitrose – Adam Teixera trio                                                           Thursday 4th August @Pancras Square – Michele Montolli trio

Thursday 11th August @Waitrose – Rob Grundel and Unexpected Guests                                         Thursday 11th August @Pancras Square – Joe Browne trio

Thursday 18th August @Waitrose – Giorgos Pafitis trio

Highlights so far have included the precision interaction of Rob Grundel’s trio, Brazilian Jansen Santana’s drumming, Charlie Stacey’s brilliant piano, a guest appearance by guitarist Eric Appapoulay, Joe Browne’s storming, swinging tenor saxophone and the Waitrose staff enjoying a  jazz version of a Stormzy classic.

The dream behind this project is to bring live music and specifically jazz to a wider audience who wouldn’t necessarily often venture into a jazz club. We take the music out to the public and work with passionate and incredibly talented musicians. Playing in unconventional venues, we kindle individual appreciation of the music and encourage the enjoyment of live music in the community, while providing a platform for the musicians.





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