LV Project May 2009 Live Material


I have uploaded a few tunes from a fabulous gig we did in May 2009. The audio is not fantastic: I recorded straight to mp3 from my beloved Zoom H4 recorder. I played by Wal fretless electric bass and Maciek Pysz is on electric guitar. Kate Hayes is singing and Pierre Hellio is on drums in a intimate Soho setting. Because the recorder was on the stage, it doesn’t pick up the vocals as loud as it should but you get the picture.
My Funny Valentine

This is the arrangement of Valentine that Babyface did for Chaka Khan. There are guitar and bass solos on this one and I use a few ideas I got from Doug Ross in the beginning of my solo.

My Favourite Things

This arrangement of Things evolved over time and I got to feature a lot of bass on it! ; )

Stratus-Safe From Harm

Massive Attack sampled the Billy Cobham classic for their song so we thought we’d play both.
Playing that bassline for more then ten minuted proved a little test of stamina though

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