What Doug Did – my article on Doug Rauch for Notreble

I was delighted when the lovely people at No Treble agreed to publish an article on the late, great Doug Rauch, one of my favourite players and a relatively unsung musical force.


Here’s what some other guys had to say about Doug:

Jeff Berlin: “… another slap bass player who would have been as big as anybody, but who died unfortunately, named Doug Rauch. He played with Cobham. Astonishing bass player.”.

Tom Coster: “Doug Rauch was a unique person and a great bass player who definitely had his own thing happening. He was very colorful, to say the least. He was also a troubled man and had some things happen in his childhood that definitely affected his personality and his life in general. I loved him, and he left us much too early. I feel that Doug would have been one of the greatest of our time if he were still with us.”

Pino Palladino: “…Lenny White’s Venusian Summer [Nemperor], with the late Doug Rauch played some stinky funk that blew me away.”

You can read my article here

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