Phil Wain – the comeback!


OK, fingers crossed this carpal tunnel thing is under control. My doctor wants me to start gigging now to see how it goes. She’s reviewing it in November. I play with no ill effects nowadays though I sometimes get the symptoms when I sleep. I’ confident. I’m now starting to think of the whole thing as a blessing as having an enforced break certainly made me reconsider my perspectives on music, bass, why I play, what I want to achieve etc. As I have to suddenly find gigs after being off the scene for seven months I have to look further afield (Project LV and Luna Kalamata are both on hiatus – though if I found them a gig both would get back together at the drop of a hat). I have to rethink my paying gigs only approach too: I want to play some creative music and, for my health and development, I need to get going.

So what might be happening? The long awaited duo gig with Matt Stevens should happen soon if his and my health allows, I am scouting for venues at the moment. I’m playing in church again – first time this coming Sunday evening (All Souls Langham Place is blessed with 30 bass players on call, has hundreds at services and worship features bands with strings, horns etc and is a great community – awaiting the charts as I type). I’m going to jam with a jazz, bass, drums trio playing EST and Bad Plus influenced jazz and I’m on the lookout for any opportunity can get. So if you want to jam, now is the time.

I’m looking into some interesting duo and trio projects and trying to bypass the usual venue scene exploring the possibilities of London’s cafes, community centres, private houses, shops and the like. I’ve added a lovely Squier Jazz bass (a gift from my good friend Davo) and a few effects pedals, notably a Boss OC-2. I’m now playing my basses daily at length and am about to begin playing with the electric upright again too!

It’s exciting!

Stop Press

Update on first public performance of comeback:

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