Gigging with Delicatessen

Well, this is fun and unexpected. I got a call from one of my former bandmates in Luna Kalamata.
The band Delicatessen making themselves a reputation on the London world music scene and their bassplayer was taking a hiatus. I was asked if I could step in.

This resulted in a week learning 18 songs by ear and a wonderful rehearsal at SOAS. The music was passionate and involving and I really look forward to gigging with them. Tonight’s the first of a couple that are planned.

Delicatessen are a London band playing music from Bulgaria, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, North Africa and Klezmer and Sephardic tunes. The members, Mutsumi, Jeremy, Patrick Wendel, Emilie, Paressa and Duygu hail from Japan, Greece, Turkey, France and England – but we’re all Londoners innit? That’s the point, London contain the world so this music is as much London music as world music. The line-up is two violins, accordion/vocals, guitar, bass and two percussionists,

Much Balkan music on the London scene – while exciting – suffers a little from machismo with everything loud, fast and crazy. Of course Delicatessen get loud and fast and crazy too but the music has a lot more delicacy and sensitivity at times. These are musicians that understand soft as well as loud, tender as well as roaring and that music is about creating an emotional response. It’s not about the notes.

Details of tonight’s gig in Ladbroke Grove(15.1.2011)
Details of Camden gig (27.2.2011)

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