Using Facebook Groups as a Band Organisation Tool

Put this up on my Posterous but it probably deserves a home here too!

I am the least likely person to promote Facebook and I took some convincing from the guys in the band to adopt this tool but I have to say it’s been a huge success. We opened a group in the band name, made it private, and used it as a noticeboard to discuss gigs, repertoire, share recordings, discuss arrangements, share music videos etc. We used to do all this through email but things easily got lost or missed in dozens of band emails with different titles. If your band members are already Facebook members, I have to say I heartily recommend it. About the only thing it doesn’y give you is a shared calendar. We use a shared googlecalendar as a band though we’re pretty lax at updating it. Respect to Rob Grundel and Tadas Petrikas for the idea.

Anyone else use it like that?

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