Delicatessen CD – Meze!

The Mediterranean/Balkan/Rebetiko band I play with has released a 30 minute CD. You can download it or stream it from the link above if you’re interested. You can name your own price, we’ll use the money to finance copyright clearance and further recordings.

The stream is lower quality audio than the download but will give you the idea. It’s a great music project: 5 women, 3 men; musicians from Greece, Turkey, France, Japan and the UK etc. Many of the songs are from 1930s Greek rebetiko music. You hear an accordion, vocals, acoustic guitar, violins, oud, bass and percussion – even tablas on one track.

Oyfn Veg is a Yiddish poem by Itzik Manger we set to music – it tells the story of a mother who won’t let her son grow up

To Hassapaki, I Garsona (the waitress) and To Pasoumi (the slippers) are from 1930s Greek underground music (rebetiko).

To Kokkino Foustani (the red dress) is a Greek song written in the 1960s.

Sousta (clasp) is an live uptempo rebetiko medley with a slower introduction (recorded before I joined Patricia plays bass on this.

Verka is a traditional 9/8 Gypsy dance tune from Serbia.

As the band noob I play only on tracks 3-5.

The band play regularly at London and the shows are always engaging

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