Speciality Coffee Map London – 2nd Edition

Ok, it hit the streets, shops and cafes in July but you might have missed it. Derek Lamberton of Blue Crow Media released the second edition of his print London  Coffee Map.

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For this edition, Derek wanted a collaborative approach so enlisted Chloe Callow, Lee Gaze (coffee maniac and guitarist) and myself to pool out ideas with him on what were the current top 100 coffeeshops in London. We visited, voted and consulted and you can buy the map that resulted here http://bluecrowmedia.bigcartel.com/product/speciality-coffee-map-london for £2.50 or from Foyles Bookshop in London or may independent London Cafes.

I started mapping the best London coffee in 2009 after trial efforts which appeared in blog form earlier that year. My efforts can be viewed here. It’s a primitive effort and reflects my own bias and tastes.

Derek started producing his excellent London’s Best Coffee app in 2010. It has gotten slicker, more comprehensive and more indispensable with time http://londonsbestcoffee.bluecrowmedia.com/

One interesting feature of the new map is that a huge number of the cafes were new to the app since the last version and made the top 100: great testament to the growth of the London independent coffee scene that has expanded from a handful of cafes in around 2009.

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