January – February London Coffee News

finisterre 1

A lot is happening and a lot is planned soon.

Silhouette – second cafe for Lee and Syirin – I’m excited to get there (near London Fields)
Workshop Barrett Street – a new space in Marylebone that has a unique design and unexpectedly great coffee
Too Many Cooks Square Mile in SE1! Well, we know Drew does that too on Bermondsey Street
Mel Southerden in Bermondsey Street World class patisserie and Monmouth coffee
Department of Coffee Spitalfields The indie chain that gets better and better – their ninth shop
Cream Magnus is simply one of my favourite chefs and since the future of his Tuckshop venture is in doubt, head over to his brilliant Shoresitch cafe/restaurant
Finisterre Kes, the force behind the coffee offer at this Covent Garden branch of the Cornish surfing retailer has now left but the shop continues to serve Small Batch coffee
Pavilion Broadway Market the guys behind Elliots and Pavilion Victoria Park are opening a bakery. Expect Square Mile coffee and the best bread in London IMHO.

Workshop Marylebone (moved to Barrett Street)
Notes Covent Garden (so many memories there for me)
Macintyre (Alex has big plans!)
Tuckshop (future uncertain – go to Cream)
Commune at Goodhood (was too hidden I guess)

Impending Openings:
Kaffeine 2 (I love Kaffeine, huge respect for what Kaffeine do)
SL22 (great name – Islington)
Grind London Bridge (right by Southwark Cathedral)
Notes Kings Cross (great location in the new development, Notes are roasting great coffee these days)
Notes Canary Wharf (x2)
New Macintyre

London’s Best Coffee Crowdfunding Worth investing!
Collaborative Coffee Source – Robert Thoresen – Kaffa – fascinating and brilliant talk
Sang Ho sensory talk – looking forward to this
Success of the Third Wave Wichteln coffee exchange programme Huge success!
Third Wave Wichteln Cupping at Prufrock
Maxwell Colonna Dashwood at Prufrock talking water
Anne Lunell (Koppi) cupping Rwandans at Lyle’s – 16 coffees – around 45 participants. Great event!

Cafe News:
Flat White and Milk Bar have switched to Drop Coffee and are selling it as retail as well as serving it as espresso. Flat White are installing a Kalita bar too this week.

Gentlemen Baristas are serving Campbell & Syme coffees as regular guests and roaster Dumo Mathmema will be in attendance for Brew Wednesdays to feature his coffees

Also Jacek and his team are now serving the coffee at Sharps Barbers and have decided to make Barn Berlin their main roaster

European Coffee Trip have published a number of videos on their site including a number of video tutorials from Gwilym Davies

Here is a 45 minute interview with Gwilym well worth watching:

Finally, Chefsteps launched their online coffee training

2 thoughts on “January – February London Coffee News

  1. Excellent round-up, as always. I think I will have to get around to finally checking out Flat White (and go back to Milk Bar) now that they’ve moved to Drop. It’s good to see European roasters making in-roads into the UK coffee scene (as well as lots of smaller British roasters).


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