Diagonal Scale and Arpeggio Patterns

OK, you should know your scales and arpeggios in many patterns if you play bass but during a lesson with Steve Billman, he noted that often you find yourself quickly ascending across the strings and then running up and down the G string. Steve had adapted some ideas that Frank Gambale had about playing diagonally […]

Steve Coleman gives music away

And why not! Steve Coleman has bravely made a large amount of his music available as free mp3s on his website. Not individual tracks or samples but whole CDs. He’s also including notes and personnel lists. You can also download Steve’s essays on music at the site and will be able to download scores of […]

October Dates

Coming up so far in October Friday 9th October with “Rock ‘n’ Rollers” at The Underwriter, EC3, London – playing rock and roll, blues and reggae covers. 9pm Friday 16th October with LV Project featuring Pepa Niebla at Jazz After Dark, Greek Street, Soho, London playing jazz, fusion, samba and soul. 10:30pm – 2:30am Friday […]

Architecture of a Single Note

Over the time of playing I’ve fallen in love with manipulating the shape of notes. Aspiring musicians are often impressed with the speed and athleticism of flash playing but that’s never really moved me. Sure, I dig the sheer joy in the playing of Fats Navarro, Charlie Parker and others but it’s shaping notes that […]

Favourite Albums

Hmmmm….I initially went for 20, this expanded to 30 and then I culled it dramatically and painfully to 20 again. These are not necessarily the ‘best’ albums – though I think they might be: they are the albums which mean the most to me. Some of my hugest influences are omitted as I can’t think […]

My bass teachers

As I looked forward to taking a lesson with Steve Lawson (something we have oft talked about) I gave some thought to other teachers I’ve had on bass. As a musician and a teacher, I am fascinated by the whole process. Now, after a lesson with Steve, I am ready to finish getting this post […]