Biju Bubble Tea Lounge

  London bubble tea taken to another level Biju opened recently right in the heart of Soho on Old Compton Street. The shop is bright, airy and the large glass windows encourage passers-by in to what might be their first taste of bubble tea. Seating is unusual with boxlike layers of cork and bright coloured […]

London Bubble Tea

Stop Stop Press Biju Bubble Tea Lounge opened in Soho in Summer 2014 and have taken London bubble tea to a whole other level with an open bar, two tea espresso machines, cocktail shaking of drinks, all natural flavours  and sweeteners and fresh organic milk. Highly recommended. Stop Stop Press   Stop Press Yao Yao […]

October Dates

Coming up so far in October Friday 9th October with “Rock ‘n’ Rollers” at The Underwriter, EC3, London – playing rock and roll, blues and reggae covers. 9pm Friday 16th October with LV Project featuring Pepa Niebla at Jazz After Dark, Greek Street, Soho, London playing jazz, fusion, samba and soul. 10:30pm – 2:30am Friday […]

September gigs

OK! This month, so far we have: Friday 4th September with LV Project at Jazz After Dark 10:30pm – 2:30am – jazz, funky jazz, groovy jazz, reggae jazz, latin jazz, bossa nova, samba and soul featuring a great quartet with a fine singer. Greek St, Soho, London Sunday 13th September at Gillespie Park Festival in […]

End of August Gigs

It’s a busy old time with musical friends returning to London from all over the world. For some reason the drummers are last to return so I have the opportunity to play with some new drummers. Upcoming: Friday 28th August: LV Project featuring Susana Lang Lenton, Jazz After Dark, Greek Street, Soho, London. 10:30pm – […]

In Search of a Good Cappuccino

—edit—kind of funny now, I more rarely drink cappuccino though it remains a good test, I tend towards flat whites and macchiatos and espressos on the whole—edit—(August 2010) I finally learned to spell Cappuccino. I like espresso and other espresso-based drinks (especially macchiato) but cappuccino is the one I most often seek out – and […]