September gigs

This month, so far we have:

Friday 4th September with LV Project at Jazz After Dark 10:30pm – 2:30am – jazz, funky jazz, groovy jazz, reggae jazz, latin jazz, bossa nova, samba and soul featuring a great quartet with a fine singer.

Greek St, Soho, London

Sunday 13th September at Gillespie Park Festival in Highbury, London near the old Arsenal stadium with Luna Kalamata playing at around 2:15pm on the main stage. This is a free festival organised by the Friends of Gillespie Park and Islington Ecology Centre. This is a reunion gig for Balkan acoustic melodists Luna Kalamata who play musics from Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria and other Balkan regions.
Gillespie Park

Saturday 26th September will see LV Project back on stage at Jazz After Dark from 10:30pm to 2:30am again. Details as before.

LV Project
Luna Kalamata


3 thoughts on “September gigs

  1. And, I should have mentioned, LV Project are doing two gigs with guest bass players for dates I am unavailable. Saturday 5th September and Saturday 12th September.

  2. Dear Phil

    I am thinking of dropping by at Jazz after dark to hear the LV project listen to the tunes as I would like to get an idea of the repertoire

    Lol what time do you start?


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