End of August Gigs

It’s a busy old time with musical friends returning to London from all over the world. For some reason the drummers are last to return so I have the opportunity to play with some new drummers.


Friday 28th August: LV Project featuring Susana Lang Lenton, Jazz After Dark, Greek Street, Soho, London. 10:30pm – 2:30am Exciting jazz group with vocals.

Saturday 29th August: The Rock ‘n’ Rollers, The Jester Bar, The Cross Kings, York Way, Kings Cross, London 9:00 – 1:00 Classic Rock n Roll and blues covers with some sweet reggae and rock.

And a special recommendation to see my good friend Matt Stevens play on Sunday 30th at Wax Jambu in Upper Street, Islington at about 9, I think. Matt is a must see and is creating some excellent original music using acoustic guitar and loops.

2 thoughts on “End of August Gigs

  1. Friday’s gig was very fine. We played with the lovely drummer Pharoah S Russell and had a lot of fun…
    …especially on a reggae version of Misty for the final number. It was a sweet night.

    Saturday’s gig was very good, though sparsely attended. Unexpectedly we got to jam with a fantastic berimbau player and these jams were the highlight of the gig as bass, organ, drums, arab percussion and guitar joined in on the berimbau phrases and tunes.

    Some great blues went down too. Bluesy gig!

    Matt was cancelled but a large number of us enjoyed his streamed gig via ustream. Soon, I’ll get to see Matt in person, at least I hope so.

    What a musical week!

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