Copenhagen Coffee

Copenhagen. City of towers. City of cycles. City of architecture. City of shared space. City of food. City of coffee. I visited this friendly, sleepy, delightful city for the first time in April with my family. Coffee was not the main purpose of our trip but, of course, we sought out the best cafes and […]

Practice Session for UK Barista Championships – Kaffeine

Making great coffee is a real art and I was privileged today to witness a couple of fine baristas in action in an afternoon that was a lovely celebration of coffee and the skill and care which these people put into their art. Yes, coffee might not be the be-all-and-end-all to everyone but it’s always […]

In Search of a Good Cappuccino

—edit—kind of funny now, I more rarely drink cappuccino though it remains a good test, I tend towards flat whites and macchiatos and espressos on the whole—edit—(August 2010) I finally learned to spell Cappuccino. I like espresso and other espresso-based drinks (especially macchiato) but cappuccino is the one I most often seek out – and […]