Bass players wanted!

Corey at the wonderful NoTreble website is looking for bassists to feature in the sites Player Spotlight pages. I was very happy to be featured this month. You can see the article by clicking here

It’s a neat site for bassplayers and well worth stopping by. It has lessons, interviews, news and all the features you’d expect from a low-end focussed music website but the really neat part about it is how community minded the site is. They really want to interact with the bass community and are interested in genuine artists on the bass (such Steve Uccello) and everyday gigging bassists as well as the famous names.

NoTreble are looking for more submissions from talented bass players for future spotlight consideration so if you’ve got that bass mentality try completing a questionnaire on the site

You can also follow NoTreble on Twitter at

I'm in the No Treble spotlight. Check out my profile!

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