Why I Don’t Follow Back

OK, this is Twitter related. And it’s a rant so only read it if you’re in the mood! One of the best things about Twitter is that you don’t have to follow the streams that follow you. You can pick and choose and fine-tune your own selection of hand-chosen streams; and if you use Tweetdeck […]

Bass players wanted!

Corey at the wonderful NoTreble website is looking for bassists to feature in the sites Player Spotlight pages. I was very happy to be featured this month. You can see the article by clicking here It’s a neat site for bassplayers and well worth stopping by. It has lessons, interviews, news and all the features […]

Iran and Me

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will have noticed that the bulk of my output has been about the current crisis and government brutality in Iran. Some probably find it overwhelming and maybe considered unfollowing me (and I don’t have a problem with that) and some have written to be to say how much they […]

I love twitter!

OK, I commented at length on Steve Lawson’s lovely pro-Twitter blog so I thought I’d blog my comment here. I’m sure you’re familiar with Steve’s original blog My response: Great blog Steve – I’m finally getting round to commenting. Some lovely comments here; and I adored Greg’s – so personal. It’s hard to find an […]