Lovely People – Gollihur Music and Acoustic Image


I was devastated when my Acoustic Image bass amp blew just over a week ago. I was just about to start a bass lesson and hadn’t gigged with the amp for a year due to a combination of Carpal Tunnel and house rigs. Having had the amp about five years, I figured that was that – I had to find money for another amp.

I had bought Acoustic Image Focus 1 amp from Bob Gollihur. Bob runs a family company and gives great advice to bassists and sells great gear. I had appreciated the personal touch at point of sale. Bob suggested I get in touch with Rich at Acoustic Image. A couple of fellow bassist chimed in on Twitter as to how helpful AU had been. I felt less stressed.

After a phone conversation with Rich at AI, I mailed him the amp and this morning – exactly a week after it shipped out from Fedex from London it’s been returned to me in perfect working order. The power amp has been replaced and the invoice is for £0. AI did not ask for proof of purchase, receipts or the like – they value the reputation of their products and that behaviour deserves wider awareness – hence this blogpost. I had a similar experience with Wal basses when they were still working in High Wycombe. All this has cost me is the cost of mailing the amp – not inconsiderable but worthwhile – and a Twitter friend has even recommended

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