Furniture – new jazz trio

Really excited about my new trio! We’ve had a few rehearsals and some fabulous conversations. Robb, the keyboardist writes some fabulous tunes and has a really developed approach to creating music that tells a story. Tadas, the drummer, loves the Bad Plus and Keith Carlock and swings wonderfully and has a painterly, visual arts approach to music and sound. I’m playing mostly the Wal fretless at the moment but might bring in the electic upright and fretted basses at some point.

So far we’ve been working on some stunning tunes by Robb and I’ve even been inspired to compose again. Robb’s music manages to combine simplicity, hipness and groove and function as springboards from some very natural sounding, but very free sounding soloing. We’ve also been working on jazz versions of contemporary tunes by the like of Bjork, Beyonce and Aphex Twin, contemporary versions of jazz standards and a whole mess of Thelonius Monk tunes because that’s where we’re at!

Had a stunningly productive band meeting with the guys too…everything a band meeting should be…right down to sung arrangements. This is a group of people whose creativity is not limited to music but applied to strategy, social networking, publicity, web design, unusual places to gig and rehearse, sourcing graphics, typography and photography.

Hope to have some dates for you soon!

Gigs so far: October Gigs
Tumblr Blog: The Life of Furniture
Facebook Music Page: Furniture fb

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