A Video Record – Delicatessen at The Green Note

Lots of good quality videos from our gig Friday at this intimate Camden venue. Sold out for the second gig in succession – this was a fun night for all concerned! Find out more about us at http://delicatessenmusic.com

First a beautiful ballad from Turkey sung by Duygu


Then a driving Greek anthem with a lovely bounce sung by Paressa


This next one is a medley of a Turkish song and a Greek one


Now a medley of Pontian music from Black Sea Turkey, starts slow and builds to a frenetic conclusion


This one is a medley of Greek tune well known in different versions and languages across the Balkans and an old Greek tune with a Mambo beat


And finally a Sephardic Ladino song – a Jewish song from Spain sung by Patricia in a reggae influenced arrangement



One thought on “A Video Record – Delicatessen at The Green Note

  1. Gigi and I really enjoyed the gig and had a really super evening at the Green Note. Delicatessen is an example of how music can unite people of different nationalities, with different cultural backgrounds and overcome barriers of any kind. In this respect, Gigi and I found the Turkish/Greek medley of particular significance. Keep on like this, and thanks again for the nice evening, Phil.

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