Speciality Coffee Map London – 2nd Edition

Ok, it hit the streets, shops and cafes in July but you might have missed it. Derek Lamberton of Blue Crow Media released the second edition of his print London  Coffee Map. For this edition, Derek wanted a collaborative approach so enlisted Chloe Callow, Lee Gaze (coffee maniac and guitarist) and myself to pool out […]

West Coast Coffee

This summer, I spent three weeks travelling down the West Coast to visit family and attend a family wedding. Of course I got to try a little coffee along the way. We travelled from Vancouver BC, down through Seattle and San Juan Island, Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon to a week or so in Pasadena […]

Cross London Coffee Crawl W11 NW1 NW5 SE4

There were a few places I wanted to visit flung among areas I am not often found in so I decided on a special cross London trip. Fortunately both the canal towpath and newly improved overground rail connections made the journey a lot easier than it would once have been. The plan was to cycle […]

2012-3 London Independent Coffee Christmas & New Year Openings

I’ve organised this by sections: click on the areas to go straight there. I particularly recommend Prufrock, Kaffeine, Rapha Cycle Club and Dunne Frankowski. West End North, Central and City East South and West My coffee map West End Tapped and Packed http://www.tapcoffee.co.uk/ 20 Rathbone Place 114 Tottenham Court Road 193 Wardour St closing the 24th 25th 26th 31st & […]

Where is the London coffee scene at and where is it going?

I interviewed (by questionnaire) a number of the key figures on the London independent coffee scene. I have received a number of responses which make quite fascinating reading. If you want to be part of this, please email me here I purposely made the questions on the questionnaire very open. Also feel free to comment […]

St Ali hits London – the latest chapter in London’s coffee renaissance

Slayer: photography by Glenn Watson | http://coffeephotography.com Well. We’ve been enjoying the revolution in the London coffee scene for a while now. The bar, in terms of coffee quality and cafe experience has been raised time and time again by the likes of Lantana, Kaffeine, Dose Espresso, Tapped and Packed, Penny University, Prufrock, Notes, Music […]

London goes to the dark side

….of coffee. The coffeecognoscenti have been trying to wean us off our milk dependency for a while. Thanks to guys like Gwilym Davies at Prufrock, Londoners are slowly being weaned off their vente milky hazelnut lattes onto shorter milk-based drinks like flat whites and stumpys …then to cortados, macchiatos, piccolos and gibraltars and finally to […]